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Teza 155 SERIES

teza slim series sliding door


Teza’s 155 Series sliding doors are one of our most appealing doors due to it having the slimmest panel look, giving you the more glass look and less trim. With that being said Teza’s 155 series gives you the opportunity to expand your living space, bringing together your outdoor and indoor living space. With this it maximizes natural light and outdoor views. Compared to other sliding doors, Teza’s sliding doors are engineered with heavy duty rollers, that run through the bottom track making it bottom hung instead of top hung. Furthermore, Teza’s 155 series comes with thick weather strips making it airtight, it is also powder coated making it scratch resistant and designed to last with minimal maintenance required. This sliding door also comes with thermal break glass and as a result, making this door energy-efficient, with thermal insulation that keeps your home warm in wintertime and cool in summer, helping you save on your energy bills. Lastly, 155 series is customizable and can have stationary panels as well as panels that all slide to one side depending on the desired configuration.

  • Energy Efficient       
  • High Quality Weather Strips
  • Heavy Duty Hardware (Made in USA)                         
  • Two Point Lock System
  • Powder Coated Paint                                                       
  • Bottom hung rolling system
  • Aluminum Thermal Break                                                   
  • Thinner frame look
  • Double Pane Glass with Argon Gas                                   
  • Low-E Tempered Glass

TEZA 120 series details

Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
Low Track
Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
Low Track
Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
Low Track
Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
Low Track
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Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
Low Track
Teza 155 Series Sliding Door
High Track
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TEZA 155 series features


Our doors are Bottom Hung, Aluminum folding doors and window systems are the perfect choice. However, if you want to combine the interior and exterior of your home Aluminum is a long-lasting minimal maintenance alternative to wood. Teza’s Aluminum doors and windows give you more finishing alternatives to work within your contemporary, modern, and retro designs. Teza only uses the highest quality of powder coating to give the perfect yet durable finish that would best fit your home.

Title 24 Compliant:

These sliding doors pass the energy efficiency requirements of Title 24 for new construction in California.

 High Quality Thermal Break:

Teza doors manufactures from the strongest and most energy efficient thermal break aluminum, to design a system that can hold up to strong wind and keep the heat out or in based on your wants and needs. Teza Products contains 1” to 2” wide polyamide which is commonly known as nylon 66 (PA66). Teza fabricates thermal break aluminum by attaching two parts of aluminum profiles by using the thermal barrier strip to connect, hence preventing the heat conduction and heat loss, and helping save energy.

Leak Prevention:

Teza products offer and still pans that add an extra layer of protection to help keep precipitation away from your subfloor. This is engineered with a slope to help collect and drain moisture away from the inside of your home. Our products have also been upgraded with a thicker weather strip making it extra airtight. 

Low Maintenance:

These intended to be durable and are built to last, they can withstand any type of weather. Making them an excellent long-term investment for your home. In addition, Teza’s products are powder coated, they can keep their finish for years to come with very low maintenance. Teza uses heavy duty hardware that is manufactured here in the USA. Every couple of years, the hinges in the panels will need to be slightly adjusted. With our adjustable hinges we have made it easy to make that adjustment a breeze. Teza Door’s adjustable hinges help make that easy by being able to adjust each panel without having to uninstall the complete door.  

 Customizing Configuration:

With versatileness and unlimited configuration options, you can create hundreds of custom opportunities.

Huge Sizes:
Strength and beauty are demonstrated by Teza’s products unique ability to produce doors with massive pieces of panel. Teza products max size we offer will be 30 feet width and 16 feet in height.


Retractable and electric Patio Screen:

Our standard screen is the best retractable screen door in the market. Our retractable screens are different from the rest due to it having a multi-directional design that can be adjusted in any way.

Multiple Configurations:

Teza’s Aluminum Doors and window systems give you the option to choose any configuration that fits your home best. Meaning, you have the option of any combination of panels stacking either to the left or to the right, neither direction to exceed eight folding panels. These industry leading options allow you to Bring the Outdoorsin a big way.

 On-Site Assembly:

The frame and door panels are pre-drilled with hardware and weather stripping already attached. The frame is broken down into four pieces (header, two jambs and threshold) and panels are shipped individually. Teza Doors provides detailed installation guidelines, and you can use your own experienced installers.

Security Benefits:

Teza doors manufactures products that use high quality material, along with the option of 3-point lock or even 5-point lock systems to increase security. Furthermore, we also offer the option to upgrade the glass to laminated glass to increase security.

Teza Doors & Windows Glass Options

  • Clear Glass (1/4” 5mm)

Regular clear glass, often found in traditional doors and windows, offers transparency and visibility while allowing natural light to flood interior spaces. Its simplicity and versatility make it a popular choice in a variety of architectural styles and settings. While lacking specialized features like low emissivity coatings or multiple layers, clear glass provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment and creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. However, it’s worth noting that clear glass does not offer significant insulation properties, meaning it may contribute to heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Nonetheless, its timeless appeal and affordability continue to make it a staple in architectural design, serving as a canvas for both functional and aesthetic purposes. It’s available on all Teza Doors & Windows products in situations where codes allow its use. See your local code official for requirements in your area.

  • Insulation Glass (Online)

Insulation glass, a cutting-edge solution in modern building design, integrates low emissivity (low-e) properties directly into the glass composition rather than simply applying a coating. This innovative approach enhances the glass’s performance and durability while delivering superior thermal insulation benefits. During summer, insulation glass efficiently blocks the sun’s heat from infiltrating the interior, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, and reducing the need for excessive air conditioning. Conversely, in winter months, the glass effectively prevents indoor heat from escaping to the exterior, helping to conserve energy, and ensuring a cozy living environment. By seamlessly regulating temperature fluctuations year-round, insulation glass represents a sustainable and efficient solution for architectural projects aiming to optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Two Layers Low-E Glass:

Two-layer low emissivity (low-e) glass offers a balance between energy efficiency and passive solar heating, making it an excellent choice for homes seeking to optimize both comfort and sustainability. During colder months, the glass allows a controlled amount of solar heat to enter the home, contributing to passive heating and reducing reliance on heating systems. In winter, the low-e coating reflects interior heat back into the house, minimizing heat loss through windows and helping to maintain a cozy indoor environment. Additionally, this type of glass provides effective protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, blocking 70% or more of UV radiation. By combining thermal insulation with UV blocking properties, two-layer low-e glass not only enhances energy efficiency but also helps to safeguard interior furnishings and occupants’ health.

  • Four-Layer Low-E Glass:

Four-layer low emissivity (low-e) glass is a highly effective solution for maintaining consistent indoor temperatures while enhancing energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. By incorporating multiple layers of specialized coatings, low-e glass is designed to reflect interior heat back into the home during colder months, minimizing heat loss through windows and ensuring a comfortable living environment. Conversely, during warmer seasons, the glass helps to block external heat from entering, thus reducing the need for excessive air conditioning, and maintaining a cool interior atmosphere. Furthermore, the low-e coatings also act as a barrier against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause fading and damage to interior furnishings and fabrics. This combination of thermal insulation and UV protection makes four-layer low-e glass an ideal choice for sustainable and comfortable building design.


  • Triple Panes Glass

An extra pane of glass helps keep more heat in and cold air out, making this our most energy efficient glass option. Three-pane glass, often utilized in modern windows and doors, offers exceptional soundproofing benefits due to its unique construction. Each pane of glass is separated by an air gap, effectively creating a buffer zone that dampens sound waves passing through. Additionally, the thickness and density of the glass panes further absorb and block sound transmission, reducing outside noise infiltration into interior spaces. This multi-layered approach to soundproofing makes three-pane glass an excellent choice for environments where minimizing noise disturbance is essential, such as homes, offices, or urban areas near busy streets.


On-line VS Off-line

  • On-line Low E:

Online glass represents a significant advancement in insulation technology, seamlessly integrating low emissivity (low-e) properties directly into the glass composition rather than relying on surface coatings. This innovative manufacturing process ensures that the low-e functionality is inherent to the glass itself, providing long-lasting performance benefits. By embedding low-e properties within the glass, online glass enhances thermal insulation, effectively blocking heat transfer and maintaining consistent indoor temperatures year-round. Unlike traditional coatings that may degrade over time, the low-e properties of online glass are expected to endure indefinitely, offering durable and reliable energy efficiency for the lifespan of the glass.

  • Off-line Low E Coating:

Low emissivity (low-e) glass is renowned for its ability to maintain consistent indoor temperatures by effectively blocking heat transfer. During winter, low-e glass acts as a barrier, preventing cold temperatures from infiltrating the interior while retaining warmth generated within the house. However, it’s essential to note that over time, the low-e properties of the glass may gradually diminish. Factors such as exposure to sunlight, environmental conditions, and general wear and tear can contribute to the fading of the low-e coating.


Teza Folding Door


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