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Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are also referred to as glass walls, multi-slide door, pocket sliding door, bypass doors, sliding French doors, and patio sliding doors. Additionally, it is defined as a door panel that slides along a set of horizontal rails. Unlike others, Teza sliding doors have heavy duty rollers attached to the bottom of the rails. Furthermore, the durability and functionality is not jeopardized by the size and weight of the panels. Moreover, it only takes the push of a finger to open and close each panel. 

Undoubtedly, besides providing beauty, Teza’s Low E-Glass protects you and your loved ones by limiting the amount of UV and IR light from entering your home. As a result, by limiting UV and IR light, discoloration won’t occur on furniture and the temperature of your house will stay consistent. In particular, Teza double pane glass walls contain argon gas and insulation to secure temperature and lower the cost of utility bills. In summary, Teza Doors provides quality so that you enjoy the beauty while we take care of everything else.