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Teza Folding Doors

Folding doors can 90° so that the door leaf opens and closes. It is mainly composed of door frames, door leaves, transmission parts, arm parts, transmission rods, orientation devices, etc. .Very easy to use.

Teza Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are commonly used family doors. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, sliding doors greatly facilitate the space division and utilization of rooms.

Teza Barn doors

Teza Barn Doors

Modern new barn door after processing design provides variety of choices in color and shape color and shape, and possesses excellent function in decoration. At the same time,the barn door also saves more space, and solves the problem that openning size.


Teza Interior door has various opening modes, diversified styles and shapes , convenient installation , etc. It has long use period, good sealing, good thermal insulation and dust-proof performance. It’s suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low grade decoration.

Teza Exterior Doors

The casement door refers to a door with hinges installed on the side of the door, inward or outward opening. Composed of door covers, hinges, door leaves, locks, etc., It has single-open and double-open.

Teza Entery Doors

Teza entry doors feature unsurpassed quality and are handcrafted from the finest Materials available and introduce your home with uncommon elegance. They showcase artistry, intricacy and exceptional beauty to complement the character of your home and those who live inside.

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