Teza 120 Series Sliding Door

Teza’s 120 Series sliding doors are one of our most appealing doors due to it having the slimmest panel look, giving you the more glass look and less trim. Teza’s 120 series gives you the opportunity to expand your living space, bringing together your outdoor and indoor living space. With this it maximizes natural light and outdoor views. Compared to other sliding doors, Teza’s sliding doors are engineered with heavy duty rollers, that run through the bottom track making it bottom hung instead of top hung. Furthermore, Teza’s 120 series comes with thick weather strips making it airtight, it is also powder coated making it scratch resistant and designed to last with minimal maintenance required. This sliding door also comes with thermal break glass and as a result, making this door energy-efficient, with thermal insulation that keeps your home warm in wintertime and cool in summer, helping you save on your energy bills. The Teza 120 series is customizable and can have stationary panels as well as panels that all slide to one side depending on the desired configuration.