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Screen/ mosquito Net


Teza Retractable Screen Aluminum is a long-lasting minimal maintenance alternative to wood. Secondly Teza’s Aluminum doors and windows give you more finishing alternatives to work within your contemporary, modern, and retro designs. Lastly Teza only uses the highest quality of powder coating to give the perfect yet durable finish that would best fit your home.

Title 24 Compliant:

Still these sliding doors pass the energy efficiency requirements of Title 24 for new construction in California.


Leak Prevention:

Teza products offer and still pans that add an extra layer of protection to help keep precipitation away from your subfloor. This is engineered with a slope to help collect and drain moisture away from the inside of your home. Secondly our products have been engineered with a thick weather strip making it extra airtight. Additionally, Teza products come with water return thresholds that have been designed with weep holes, and a sloped drain pan that helps catch any water that tries to get into the door and direct back outside.

Low Maintenance:

These are intended to be durable and are built to last, as the matter fact they can withstand any type of weather. Making them an excellent long-term investment for your home. In addition, Teza’s products are powder coated, keeping their finish for years to come with very low maintenance. Teza uses heavy duty hardware that is manufactured here in the USA, additionally adjustable hinges help make that easy by being able to adjust each panel without having to uninstall the complete door.

 Customizing Configuration:

With versatileness and unlimited configuration options, important to realize you can create hundreds of custom opportunities.

Huge Sizes:

Equally the products max size we offer will be 30 feet width and 16 feet in height.

Retractable and electric Patio Screen:

Our standard screen is the best retractable screen door in the market. Also, the retractable screens are multi-directional design.

Multiple Configurations:

Teza’s Aluminum Doors and window systems give you the option to choose any configuration that fits your home best. furthermore, you have the option of any combination of panels stacking either to the left or to the right, neither direction to exceed eight folding panels. Additionally, these industry leading options allow you to Bring the Outdoors in a big way, basically give you additional space for any future gatherings you will have.

 On-Site Assembly:

The frame already has attached pre-drilled with hardware and weather stripping. Panels are shipped individually, and frame is broken down into four pieces. Lastly, Teza Doors provides detailed installation guidelines, and you can use your own experienced installers.

Security Benefits:

Teza doors manufactures products that use high quality material, additionally along with the option of 3-point lock or even 5-point lock systems to increase security. Lastly, we offer the option to upgrade the glass to laminated glass to increase security.

High Efficiency Glass:

Modern double glazing with multi layers of low-E & tinted glasses is an increasingly efficient insulation technique. Lastly, that allows us to build huge glass that does not compromise energy consumption.

 Noise Control:

Teza Doors offers double pane glass to help reduce the sound from outside as the double pane of glass and the argon gas between them helps absorb the sound vibrations. Basically, double glazing glass can reduce the sound by 25-50% which makes it capable of reducing sound levels by as much as 35 decibels. As a result, Teza also offers the option to pick 3 layers glass to reduce additional noise.



Teza Electric Screen
Teza Electric mosquito net

Retractable Patio Screen

+ Aluminum Frame 

+Polyester fabric coated that is breathable

+Waterproof UV resistant