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Aluminum Folding Doors

Two typical opening styles of The Aluminum Folding Door system: Bi Fold Door & Tri Fold Door.

Types of Teza Aluminum Folding Doors


Most Updated Bifold DOOR IN MARKET


Teza Luxury Folding Doors

  • Suitable for any size and any other specifications
  • Noise-proof, dust-proof and weatherproof

  • Very space-saving, will not block the light

  • Good insulation and sealing performance

  • Lighter weight, easy to open and close

  • Hidden multi-point locking system

  • Open inside or outside

  • Custom glass, size and color

  • Long service life, compared with other materials, aluminum is relatively strong and durable,
  • It has good heat preservation and air tightness, can isolate cold and heat, oily smoke, moisture, and has the functions of fire prevention and noise reduction,

  • Good waterproof performance, the aluminum folding door is tightly sealed, and there is no gap between the door panels,

  • There are various styles, you can choose according to your favorite decoration style, which can greatly improve the decoration effect and make the whole more beautiful,

  • High safety performance, adopting multi-point locking design.


Standard Color:

Custom Color:

The glass of the TEZA aluminum folding door can be warm inside and cold outside. There are many kinds of glass for you to choose.
To put it simply, we provide a variety of styles and uses of glass options, a variety of thermal insulation components, such as various colors, tempered glass, laminated and single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer glass panels.

Teza’s folding door is the best solution for modular space. The maximum width is allowed when opening, and the number of door leaves can be customized.

The bottom sliding system has a bearing capacity of up to 400KG, and even when the door leaf is large, in this case,you can push and pull smoothly,the sliding process is stable and noise-free either.

The internal fan material adopts a one-piece design, and the outer frame and the inner fan adopt the principle of decompression. All these designs can improve the air tightness of the fan.

The organic combination of transmission mechanism and square shaft.
Built-in gear, smooth transmission.
Multi-point locking, high safety performance.

How To Choose The Aluminum Folding Doors?

Application scenarios:

Real estate project
Shopping malls, commerce
Coffee shop

Internal or external place/location
Living room


Choose manufacturers with good brand reputation, and standardize product quality and service systems in terms of scale.


Check to see if the manufacturer’s relevant qualification certification is complete and true compared with relevant industry standards.


Good color collocation is the key element of the room. Style and color harmonize with the style of the room.


Pulley bearing capacity


and most importantly,the folding door needs to slide frequently, so the quality of its pulley must pass, because if the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, it will affect the quality of the folding door.

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