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Bifold Series

Teza 60 Series

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Bifold door

Teza 60 Series

In addition to the various bifold doors offered at Teza Doors. Teza offers a modern style, 60 Series is lightweight and is perfect for certain climates. Comparatively, the 60 Series does not have thermal break aluminum which is why it popular for locations with warmer temperatures. Likewise, the purpose of thermal break aluminum is to prevent the exchange of temperature from one side to another but in good climate areas, this feature is unnecessary. Correspondingly, this allows the entry of natural light and a soft breeze. Furthermore, Teza’s 60 Series provides qualities that enhance garden parties, barbecues, and outdoor dining experiences. Moreover, the 60 Series is the most cost efficient and budget friendly while providing high quality and longevity. Comparatively, the 60 series doors are customizable and can have stationary panels as well as panels that all slide to one side depending on the desired configuration. Similar to other products, the 60 series products are powder coated making it scratch resistant which adds to the quality of the door for its price. 



The size of the panels varies between 24” and 32”. In addition, in compliance with the build code, the entrance door minimum is 26”. Furthermore, each frame is 1-3/4" (panel frame thickness) by 2-3/8" (panel frame width). Moreover, the panels have high quality weather strips. The panel strips create a barrier between the inside and outside door frames.


Teza 60 series are made of aluminum. Additionally, the frames bottom track is ¾” height and depth is 1-3/4" , this feature helps prevent the entrance of water. All frames have powder coating paint. This makes it scratch and chip resistant. Moreover, the frame is very sturdy for any weather condition. 


Teza doors heavy-duty, stainless-steel hardware, is made in Germany. Additionally, the 60 series is bottom hung. Furthermore, this product bears a capacity up to 330 Ibs. Although it handles heavy weight, its design operates gracefully. Moreover, it glides smoothly with minimal effort or sound effect.


All bifold glasses are E-Glass (UV) series. This product includes double tempered glass filled with argon gas. In addition, each pane is 5mm. Furthermore, laminated tempered glass is recommended for extreme weather conditions. Teza thermal break bifold doors have shatter resistant property. Moreover, it provides protection to any home. Teza Doors offers tinted tempered glass. This includes heat absorbing technology that eliminates heat transfer.


Teza Doors offers customizable options at no additional cost. Moreover, customers have access to any doors regardless of swing direction and folding orientation.


Teza doors complies with the Energy Code. Furthermore, we comply with California Title 24 which focuses on energy efficiency tested by the 3rd party lab. Additionally, it is in process of getting compliance with NFRC lab. SHGC rating: 0.32 U-Factor: 0.26

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60 Series Teza Bifold Doors Details

The 60 Series bifold door has frames and panels that contain thermal break aluminum with polyamide bars. In addition, the thermal break bifold doors have insulation that minimizes the transfer of temperature from one side to another. As a result, thermal break doors play an important role in stabilizing indoor temperatures due to the air tight seal. Undoubtedly, this feature eliminates thermal energy loss.

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