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Slim Frame Sliding door SERIES


The sliding door can almost meet the designing needs of any consumer because of glass’s reprocessing, baking paint, sand blasting, toughening, special-shaped processing and other characteristics.
The sliding door is personalized , fashionable ,artistic and solid.

+ Aluminum
+ Luxury Designs
+ Powder Coated
+ Double Pane Glass
+ Customizable


The size of sliding door each panel can be up to 72″ width and up to 132″ height. To comply with the build code, the entrance door must be a minimum of 26”. Each frame is 2” (panel frame thickness) by 2” (panel frame width). Each individual panel contains a high quality weather strip. The strip seals between each panel. This weather strip creates a barrier between the interior and exterior door frames.Teza Slim Sliding Doors



  • Double pane glass
  • Low E glass
  • Tempered glass

Teza Doors are fully customizable. Furthermore, there is no additional cost for custom design. There are a variety of features to choose from our products.

 2 Panels Sliding Doors (With or Without Screen)

3 Panels Sliding Doors

4 Panels Sliding Doors

Teza doors complies with the Energy Code. Furthermore, we comply with California Title 24 which focuses on energy efficiency tested by the 3rd party lab. Additionally, it is in process of getting compliance with NFRC lab. 

SHGC rating: 0.32 

U-Factor: 0.26

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