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Teza 130 SERIES


Teza Aluminum sliding DOOR 130 SERIES

1. 1.8mm international profile thickness, standard German process design, make the product air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance performance effectively reflected.
2. It can make the double-track, three-track and four track it can be opened flexibly from both direction (all panels slides). There are various styles and the design style is simple and atmospheric.
3. The profile design adopts European standard hardware notches and multi-point locks to meet the versatility of accessories on the market and achieve a good anti-theft effect.
4. Complete functions, mosquito net can be placed indoors and outdoors.
5. Hollow glass can be freely equipped with magnetic blinds and electric blinds, realizing two-way selection of daylighting and shading



5mm+16A+5mm double-layer tempered insulating glass
Material broken edges can be made into double tempered hollow glass of 5MM+27A+5MM

The maximum size of single fan can be made: fan width ≤ 1500mm, fan height ≤ 2800mm, maximum fan weight: 80kg

  • with 304 stainless steel net, standard color is black, silver color is optional
  • Standard stainless steel track The corner angle can be 90° and 135°
  • Aluminium Frame Material
  • Colour: Ral powder coat or anodized

Electric blinds and magnetic blinds are available for the new 130 series


The sliding door can almost meet the designing needs of any consumer because of glass’s reprocessing, baking paint, sand blasting, toughening, special-shaped processing and other characteristics.
The sliding door is personalized , fashionable ,artistic and solid.

In terms of professional quality, the application of artistic aesthetics was entrusted to an environmental manager.
From art to life, follow the inner voice, return to simplicity and nature, and let life and beauty meet unexpectedly.



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