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How many panels are required for bifold doors & each panel recommendation size?

The number of door panels used depends on the width of each one individually, but it is best to go for as few as possible. The maximum width of each door panel is around 36” to 38” and the minimum width of each panel is 26” for folding sliding doors.

When specifying bi-folding doors, it’s always best to think in odd numbers. With an odd number of panels, the doors will fold and slide in the same direction and it will give you a lead door with a multi point locking system.

For an even-number configuration, it is always advisable to split the set up into odd operating numbers (for example, a four-door design should be split into a three-plus-one set-up) to ensure there is a lead door with a fully operational multi point lock.

For bi-fold door with 4 panels has to be 3 panels folds to left or right side and other panel will be stationery and act as a single door, and for bi-fold door with 3 panels or 5 panels can be folding all panels to right or left side. In Teza aluminum bi-fold door 120” x 80” configuration will be 3L1R or 3R1L which is 3 panels fold to left (3L1R) or fold to right (3R1L) and other panel will be stationery.

It’s best to leave the configuration up to your provider as they should know what works best, but specify that you’d like a lead door with a multi point lock.

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