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At Teza Doors, we blend meticulous craftsmanship with straightforward pricing to bring you doors and windows that elevate any home without exhausting your budget.

Every Teza product promises lasting beauty and functionality, ensuring you don’t just buy a door or window, but a long-term investment for your home.

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From stately Bi-Folds to sleek Sliding systems and elegant French Swings, discover a variety of styles designed to enhance your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Teza Folding Doors

Folding doors can open entirely, transforming any space from a modern look to an indoor/outdoor experience. Teza’s unique design offers an easy installation for anyone to have these doors. Custom sizes and designs available!

30-40% below market price

Teza Sliding Doors

Sliding doors will divide space while giving the option to open up as a large entryway. The slim design creates a polished look to any project. Custom sizes and designs available!

30-40% below market price

Teza Pocket Sliding Doors

Teza offers sophisticated pocket doors that slide into the wall, creating more open space in your home. Unlike others, Teza’s pocket doors are bottom-hung, running on a track at the bottom. Made with aluminum thermal break and powder-coated, these doors are energy-efficient, helping you save on energy bills.

30-40% below market price

Teza French Doors

French doors give the option for inside and outside opening. Imagine a modern look and feel with a sleek design of two doors that will open your space exponentially. Custom sizes and designs available!

30-40% below market price

Teza Entry Doors

Entry doors feature unsurpassed quality and are handcrafted to introduce your space to uncommon elegance. These doors showcase artistry, intricacy and exceptional beauty to complement the character of your home and those who live inside.


30-40% below market price

Teza Casement Window

Uniquely, Teza offers casement windows that are also energy efficient and very durable long term. Furthermore, they are customizable by size and the number of panels needed for any homes window. Additionally, when closed, casement windows offer airtight seal to prevent unwanted airflow into and out of the house.

30-40% below market price

Teza Sliding Window

Teza’s sliding window reduces energy consumption due to the insulating glass. Moreover, the sliding windows are customizable to fit any home. Enjoy any scenery with our durable sliding window. Additionally, Teza’s windows adds beauty to any home with the narrow and stable aluminum material.

30-40% below market price


Teza Fold Up Window

The fold up windows have elegant decorative effects, multiple colors options and fashionable appearances. The folding panels can be stopped at any position, and the height can be adjusted as needed. The glass selection is diversified. In addition, the fold up windows are made of aluminum. The oxide film is combined with color to form a composite film layer, which is not only corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and scrub-resistant, but also has a certain fire resistance.

30-40% below market price

teza aluminum picture window

Teza Picture Window​

Teza offers fixed windows that do not open or close. These style windows are found within homes with high or vaulted ceilings to capture scenery in any home. Teza’s fixed windows are also made of aluminum, and powder coated paint making these windows durable and long lasting. Uniquely, these windows are called architectural windows because they offer style. Moreover, fixed windows are great for energy efficiency and offer the most natural light entrance.

30-40% below market price

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High-quality materials and luxurious designs, accessible at competitive prices.

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With Teza, your doors or windows will arrive and get installed faster than any of our competitors!

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