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5 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Thermal Break Doors

Whether you are a homeowner or a handyman, when you decorate and accessorize your home, you should want only the best and top quality materials. One aspect that you mustn’t take for granted is picking out the best door type made with the finest materials available. In most States, such as California and Florida, the right type of door can add a great deal of value to your property. 

Of the most common questions here is what is thermal break and why should I choose aluminum doors?

In a nutshell, aluminum thermal break doors not only improve the aesthetics of the building but are also very functional as well. An aluminum door has thermal break features if its thermal barrier doesn’t allow the flow of, or reduces thermal energy between two materials that are conductors.

So before you invest in your next door, let’s find out why it is important to choose thermal break aluminum doors for your property.

#1. Thermal Break Aluminum Doors Are Durable

Durability is one thing you want from your doors, whether they’re bifold glass doors or thermal break aluminum doors. Aluminum is resistant to rust, meaning these types of doors can last up to 40 years or more.

Durability becomes even more solid for thermal break aluminum doors because of their multiple sealing strips at every joint to keep it airtight. Besides, its rainproof structure makes it impenetrable to rainwater.


#2. Great Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Thermal break aluminum doors are set up to create a barrier between the chilly air outside and the much warmer air inside your house or vice versa during summer.

The result of this thermal insulation technology is that there is less need to burn more energy using air conditioning and heaters. All these reduce your carbon footprint, making your home energy efficient. Not to mention, our thermal break aluminum doors are integrated with double pane glass filled with argon gas which makes it a strong barrier against UV and anything else that comes with change of season. Therefore, it is the most recommended door type in New York, California, Washington, Kansas, and so on. It can handle anything from a tornado to a storm whether it’s rain or snow, and it definitely makes the sunny days more enjoyable in Florida and California.


#3. It Protects The Environment

Thermal break aluminum doors do much for the environment in a society that is battling climate change. Doors with thermal breaks help you conserve energy that would have been wasted or whose end product polluted the environment.


#4. They Require Very Little to no Maintenance

Aluminum thermal break doors require very little in the way of maintenance. Material like the wood used for doors may require you to regularly paint, clean, and maintain them.  However, aluminum doors are very easy to keep clean and maintain. Moreover, they are bottom hung. Meaning you don’t have to worry about putting pressure on the header which makes the installation as easy as it can be. Plus, all parts are stainless steel, made in Germany. It is as durable and sturdy as it gets.


#5. It Reduces Noise

The thermal break not only insulates you from extreme outside weather conditions, but it blocks noise as well. The thermal barrier dampens the vibration of noises from traffic, waves, and nature, giving you peace and quiet inside your property. So whether you use them as patio doors, internal doors, or exterior doors, you will enjoy it.



Door companies like Teza Doors stand out as one of the best in the game even as the world Aluminium market is poised to reach $72 billion by 2021. This is why a lot of property owners are upgrading the doors and going with the new glass wall trends.

Doors are some of the most important parts of the modern house, whether they are inside or outside. If you are shopping around for doors, contact us for a one-on-one training session on all types of doors. This is complimentary whether you purchase from us or not.

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